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Birthdate:Sep 28, 1992

"もういいの, 疲れたよ。一緒にいられるのも本当に良かったんだ。"

Sometimes I get tired, and all I want to do is to give up, but I won't. Sometimes people annoy me, and I want to shout at them, but I won't. Sometimes a song doesn't come out right, and it frustrates me so much that I feel like crying, but I don't.

I love to sing. I started romanising lyrics because I wanted to sing those songs and no one had romanised the lyrics yet. I write because there are too many "what ifs" in the world. I love because if I don't, who will? I sleep too little, I read too much, I have confidence in myself but I don't feel secure enough to chase my dreams. I have confidence in myself, not my abilities.

I am stubborn. When I get mad, I scold, and I am extremely verbose. I like learning new things. I like learning new languages. I speak English, Chinese, some Hokkien, Japanese is a work in progress, Korean is kind of impossible sometimes but I'm still trying. Once I get my degree I might apply for the Japan Exchange and Teaching programme. If it was ever possible, I'd like to be a singer.

I dream impossible dreams, and that's why sometimes I have to stop myself.

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