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It's been quite a while since I last posted, hasn't it? Almost two weeks, in fact. >___< sorry about that, ne?

Have been sick and busy in turns, life has been hectic and gaaaaah I've been off work (due to medical leave and actual leave and public holidays) for 4 days in the last two weeks. Yes, that's about half the time, and three of them this week, too. Bad for my track record ;____; At least nothing went REALLY wrong while I was away~

Other than being sick and sleeping, I've attended a talk, had a doctor's appointment, run some errands (like getting my passport updated and whatnot), went out with family, spent way too much money, recorded a song (which I am going to re-record, I think that what I recorded earlier is crap), watched a lot of namahousou, read a lot of fics... ehehe. Yes, I had some free time, which I did use to romanise quite a few more songs (I think there are about 20 I haven't uploaded yet, so I am working at it just that I'm too lazy to post), including the top songs from the last two to three Vocaloid Weekly Rankings, which means Aa Subarashiki Nyansei, Yumekui Shirokuro Baku, Shiryoku Kensa, Alice in Musicland (which I have no idea if I will even post because that post will be a formatting nightmare), Karakuri Pierrot...

Hah, I'm not even sure if anyone even reads this, since there is this REALLY BAD deficiency of lyrics and anything interesting at all going on right now (and it's kind of new and shiny as well) and I haven't been advertising (really, where can I advertise? If anyone's reading this, please tell me?), but I'll be updating the tags for lyrics that have been in the top 10 of any Vocaloid Weekly ranking with the highest position and the ranking number it was in. That should make it easier if anyone ever wants to find out when and where any song has ranked. I might consider putting a running history, but for those insanely popular songs it might get really messy...hmm, that's an idea I'll sit on for a while.

I'm also thinking about working my way through all the Vocaloid weekly rankings and romanising the songs in them (not all of them, most likely just the top 10), but that is going to be a LOT of work and maybe something to do when I know more people are reading this? Hmm.

...the tags need re-organising, I've been adding tags all over the place, bleh. I've also been tweeting a lot of random in Japanese and replying to utaites, although they never reply back -___-
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Still working on Alice in Dreamland~ The format will probably be a little (okay, a LOT) different from my usual lyrics posts, as complex as it is becoming.

Company firewall blocks twitter in all forms. Ahh, maybe I should really invest in a phone with a data plan. Except I kind of want to wait for the iPhone 5 to come out. Which will be sometime next year where I am. Argh. Unless Apple does an international release? Reading utaite's tweets are endlessly amusing and sometimes I need something short-term to break the monotony (reading fic is TOO distracting, ergo best not to do it at work). It's also Japanese practice, but anyways~

So tired, bleh. Can't wait for the weekend, 12-hour sleep here I come!

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Yes. You heard me right. There may/should/probably not be any lyrics posted today. Because I'm freaking out about how the hell should I color-code for Alice in Musicland askjdalsjd. It is insane. Like, seriously, how am I going to do the html on this? It's like six different vocaloids and way too many combinations to color-code, gah.

I'll figure it out, somehow. Somehow. I'm still not sure how to indicate someone as the main singer and someone(s) as the chorus/harmonising voice, but I'll think of a way to do it (bold/italicise/underline? Would anyone looking at it understand if I do that?)

Listening to vip店長 sing Tomur (okay the o in Tomur should have an accent mark but gah I'm too lazy to do a special character code to make it appear) from the Exit Tunes presents Ikemen Voice Paradise 3 album. It's good, but I like Lon's version (that she deleted after a day) better, although I'll probably never hear it again, ahaha. And that's one more song to the never-ending list of OMGIWANTTOSING.

Added 96neko on twitter, and she added me back! It's amazing! I heard that she does that, but I never thought that it would happen to me! And wwwwwww it's like she never sleeps enough, her last tweet last night was somewhere 11.30pm JP time last night and her first tweet this morning? 5.30am. Yes. I am not kidding. I even did the mental addition and subtraction (+1 hour to JP time, -3 hours because that's what her tweet was timestamped as when I looked at it at 7.30 my time this morning.) And she was in the recording studio, too (at least I think that's what her tweets said), recording for CLΦSH's new single (due to be released at Comiket 50 this August), weiß. And talking about how Juumensou's lyrics are kinda sad.

I never used to like twitter, but I guess if I want to keep up with my favourite utaites I'll have to start getting used to it (and post silly tweets like oh god why am I having insomnia, I have work tomorrow I'm going to sleep now now now now now). Maybe I'll like it better now that I've created a new account (with no more baggage, stupid stalker urgh) and have motivation to actually look at it from time to time. I should get a data plan for 24/7 internet connectivity, hmm. Well, maybe when the iPhone5 comes out, because I like the iPhone's interface the best so far.


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SO. I slept away the entire weekend, which is absolutely ridiculous. I wanted to update more lyrics and record at least ONE song (although I can't seem to choose a song. Proof of Life (for which I need a Len as I cannot do guy!voice), Canaria (the awaawaP version), Dear, Iroha Uta, Suisou Catharsis (god is that song HARD to do), Kimi Nashi Vision, Mikansei Ningen, Juumensou... the list will never end.), but that didn't happen. Argh.

I did promise to try and upload at least one post every day, and so from today onwards there will at least be one lyrics post a day, with one rambly post (like this one) a week, and, fingers crossed, one utattemita post on weekends. I should have a "I want to sing this" post, with silly comments like "God this one needs superhuman breath control, cannot do, will die", "wtf why is this so high my throat is dyyyyyyying", etc, and then cross off the ones I do record? XD;

96neko <3 )

Okay, so I'm rambling. That's what happens in all of my blog posts that are not lyrics posts, though. No one's actually reading this, though, but I will do a cut so that it doesn't look awfully odd. Hm, next singing project, I will do the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OP and ED, sort of as a test and showing how I can do totally different types of songs. I love Kajiura Yuki's compositions, though they can be impossible to sing sometimes.


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