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My trip to Japan! Booked! Finally! After a whole night of negotiating through flight timings and how to get from here to there and credit card billing issues and things like failed payment verification and a cancelled booking and worries about it being double payment and GAH will die serious until about 2am.

I, uh, complained about it to one of my listeners yesterday night, and LOL we ended up talking until 5.30am. This morning. And we stopped only because he had to get to school (I wonder if he managed to stay awake...?) and so I headed to bed (on the most comfortable armchair EVER) for 2 hours before I had to get up for work. Thus, majorly sleep deprived today.

Probably hyper, too. Because of the sleep deprivation.

So currently (and no, no changes to this itinerary because it's going to be rather packed already as it is), I'm planning on Tokyo->Kyoto->Osaka->Tokyo over 9 days end of April till the beginning of the second week of May. It just happens to be Golden Week in Japan as well, so, um, it will be crowded? But it's somehow the best time because there's a public holiday here (any thing that cuts down on excessive taking of leave is a definite yes), it's just about a week of public holidays there, and so I'll be able to meet more people. Listeners. Friends. Whatever.

There are already two definite Yes people for Tokyo, at least one for Osaka, and there are a couple of tentatives who live a bit further away but don't mind making the trip down. *____* my listeners are such wonderful people. Even though it may just end up to be me alone in a group of guys.

Found rather ok accommodation (wonderful reviews, gorgeous pictures, the kind of place I can stay in on a budget and still enjoy more than a big hotel), methods of transport (Pasmo? Suica? I haven't decided yet but then I'm arriving and departing from Haneda so...), a little more pricey but UNLIMITED data rental sim card with tethering and what not which I will desperately need since I tend to wander off into side streets and have trouble finding my way back. And stuff.

It all seems to be finally falling into place now, but I still have to organize meet-ups and contact methods and information exchange and all that, which might...take some time. And some planning.

Which is why I'm doing a community-only broadcast tomorrow night~ I'll introduce my schedule, ask for sightseeing reccomendations, talk about meet-ups (who, where, when, how, etc), and probably a couple of miscellaneous things like ask about weather and what to pack and things I should buy back and whatnot.

Okay, tl;dr stops here. I should put this under a cut since the length will probably frighten the only person who is subscribing to me XD;


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